A few more weeks left of class…

i’m going to miss all of you! 



i have been slacking on my blog lately! just life issues, friends family.. stuff like that, also my other classes…! i have been so busy and stressed as of late. hope to make some more followers soon.

Sincerely, timothy fair

Rivals to Red 5? (business blog 5)

It should be common knowledge that companies have their competitors; a war fought with money, ads, design, products, and appeal. Red 5 as a company is quite small compared to others in the industry, though what they lack in size they make up for with renowned veterans of game design. They do what they can to set themselves apart from other companies and many people would love for them to succeed. Though how would they fare up against huge widely known developers who recently went into the free-to-play market themselves?

Crytek, the geniuses behind the Cryengine software used to power some of the most visually stunning games of today have set their foot into the waters of the free-to-play market. With an fps named warface; geared with stunning visuals and engaging combat they’ve set a Guinness world record with the most players on a server. Visually, Crytek’s website shares the color palette of their logo. The site sure does have appeal, it is very easy to find what visitors are most likely looking for.

Competitors are everywhere, and Hi-Rez Studios is one that clearly comes to my mind. They’re an indie game developer like Red 5, with a somewhat similar game, Global Agenda. Firefall and global agenda are easily compared to one another, the game play style is identical, the classes, and the combat all reflect each other well. Both companies’ could easily share the pool of players catered to the play styles of these games respectively.

Sincerely, Timothy fair


(websites) http://www.crytek.com/  http://www.hirezstudios.com/ http://www.red5studios.com/ http://www.firefallthegame.com/

Keep losing my password.

i have waay too man  passwords to keep track of. so i just decided to reset mine for the 3rd time. oh well! well anyway, i’ve got a new tablet and a stylus. hope you know what that means. i’m also going to get a blog roll started as well as make a new blog dedicated to gaming in the near future. hope to see you all soon!

Sincerely, a klutz

Subway~ class blog number two.

with a variety only limited by how many combinations you could make a sandwich into, subway is one of my favorite companies. Whenever I can spare five dollars i go down to the subway by fredmeyers in sumner, and make myself a footlong. Sometimes it is plain meatball marinara and other times it’s flatbread on smoked ham with jalapenos.Over at subway, i am engaged with the choice of what i eat; the textures, tastes, and palate of each sandwich really keeps me wanting to try new combinations of which my tastebuds surely enjoy. With good food, drinks, and snacks, subway has a way to keep customers coming back.